SAB’s learning model is based on faith, leadership, and holistic intelligence that guides students to win the future.
We’re committed to realizing a quality education for the Nation through leadership character development, understanding the Qur'an, and numeracy literacy intelligence
Our school is located at the foot of Salak Mountain, which has a beautiful natural atmosphere. SAB’s school is a conducive and child-friendly environment for learning activities.

Mindfulness Learning

For more than 20 years, we believe that quality education is built by the strong synergy between students, teachers, and parents.These three components of quality education are supported by our strong institutions (foundations) to form the GEMILANG Teachers, CEMERLANG Students, and SMART Parents.

SAB since 2001

SAB was established with its concern for equitable quality education. Our vision to create a noble character and an outstanding student has been our passion since our inception.In 2016 SAB focused on the Boarding School learning model with four pillars of excellence: Hafidz Al-Qur’an 30 Juz, literacy and numeracy intelligence, leadership character, and Indonesian nationality insight.

Let’s be part of the SAB’s family

We welcome students from various backgrounds. After enrolling in SAB, all students' families automatically become part of our supportive community with meaningful relations.

Learning at SAB

SAB’s learning path is a transformative learning map that forms to face the future. Our students, teachers, and parents synergize to support quality learning by mixing and matching national and international learning models. SAB’s learning curriculum is called the Kurikulum Khas Al-Bunyan (KKAB), which lays Merdeka Belajar as our foundation and develops the Profil Pelajar Pancasila through the PISA assessment standard.

Why did they choose SAB

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