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Welcome to Sekolah Al Bunyan!

Sekolah Al-Bunyan is a full boarding school for junior and senior high schools located in Bogor, at the foot of Mount Salak, with a beautiful nuance and a conducive learning atmosphere. Al Bunyan School is committed to preparing future leaders who are faithful, pious, and have good morals by implementing mindfulness learning.

Average Class Size

1000+ Graduates

Teacher Student Ratio 1:7

Our Purposes

Al Bunyan School is committed to preparing Indonesia’s future with excellent individuals through quality education. This vision is realized by making the Al-Qur’an a daily guide in behavior, creating independent and reliable leadership, and sowing love for the motherland and nationality so that they are always devoted to the country. And it’s enhanced by literacy and numeracy intelligence so that they can deliver quality decisions in living a social life.

Message From the Leader of SAB

Choosing a school is the same as choosing a future because school is the best investment for your child’s future. Make sure we, as parents, choose the best future for our children. Al Bunyan School maintains strong speakers through mindfulness learning so they can face future challenges, insya Allah.


To create the future leaders of the nation who have the spirit of the Qur’an, intelligence, and noble characters.


Presenting rabbani leaders who have noble character through learning tahfizhul Quran, leadership and national experience, and academic excellence within the scope of Islamic boarding schools.

Leadership that Prepares
the Future

Each of us is a leader and is responsible for what he leads. Good leadership is a leader who benefits himself and the people around him. The leadership at SAB is committed to helping humanity now and in the future.

SAB’s Learning

SAB offers a transformative learning map for facing the future. Here students, teachers, and parents work hand in hand to support quality learning by mixing and matching national and international learning models. Learning at SAB is called the Al Bunyan Special Curriculum (KKAB), which lays the foundation for independent learning with a Pancasila student profile developed through the PISA assessment standard.

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